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Umpire Expectations

Please read the following umpire policies. It is important for everyone to be on the same page regarding what is expected of KLL umpires.

The following equipment is REQUIRED for every umpire during scheduled games. 

  • Blue KLL umpire shirt
  • Clicker
  • Plate brush
  • Ball bag (home plate)
  • Chest protection
  • Shin Guards
  • Protective cup
  • Mask
  • Rule book
  • Watch

Prior to game time:
The scheduled umpires should report to their designated field 10-15 minutes early, with all required equipment, game balls, and umpire card. The umpire card should be given to the home team, for inter league it should be given to the KLL head coach.

The home plate umpire will conduct a coaches meeting prior to the first pitch, a coach for each team will be present. Any questions will be answered and all field ground rules will be discussed such as any holes in the fences, what is in play and out of play.

The start time will be called by the home plate umpire, the umpire’s watch is the OFFICIAL watch, do not let coaches or parents argue when the game is called for time limit.

The scheduled umpires will make sure all players in compliance with Little League equipment requirements. Simply asking both coaches during the coaches meeting will do. If time permits, inspect helmets and bats of BOTH teams.

If you are scheduled for a game, you need to show up and work the game. If you do not show up for the scheduled game, you will be listed as a no show and may impact your ability to work future games.

Filling your scheduled games:
If you are scheduled for a game and can no longer work, within 72 hours of GAME TIME you will be responsible for filling the game. Once the game is filled you need to notify me via e-mail only, the umpire that agreed to fill your spot. If you do not notify me via e-mail and the umpire does not show up, you will be charged with a no show. If you notify me prior to 72 hours before game time I will fill the game.

Umpire Pay:
Umpires will be paid bi-weekly; the schedule will be determined by the KLL board. To get paid for the games you worked, you will need to fill out an Umpire Game Report listing the umpires that worked the scheduled game. If you do not turn in a game report for EACH game you work you will NOT be paid. The game report is how I prove who physically showed up to work the game.

If you work a game that you are not scheduled you will not be paid. For games that require one umpire, only one ump will be paid. Games that require two umpires, only two umpires will be paid. Games with additional umpires scheduled will be approved by the umpire coordinator.

Checks will be located in the concession stand. Pay days will be every other Monday.

Game cancelations:
If your scheduled game is canceled and you are notified prior to your arrival to the ball park, you will be re-scheduled for the game. 

If you arrive at the park and are not notified the games (s) have been canceled, you will need to fill out a umpire game report and note that the game was canceled after your arrival. You will then need to notify me via e-mail, you will be paid half of the dollar amount you would have received for the complete game.

In game problems:
If you encounter problems while you are umpiring, stay calm and attempt to deal with the situation. It is your discretion as an umpire how to proceed with in game warnings and ejections. For warnings and ejections, you will note warnings and ejections on the umpire game report. You will also send an e-mail to me directly ASAP, include in the e-mail your version of events leading to the warning or ejection or both, and be as accurate as you can. No matter what happened make sure your version of the situation is true, remember there will be witnesses. 

Any other issues during the game should also be sent to me in an e-mail, if you are not sure when to notify me error on the side of caution and send me an e-mail. I would rather find out about it from you than somebody else.

Complaints/ Concerns:
You need to send me an e-mail addressing any complaints against players, coaches or umpires. Be as detailed as possible. I will respond directly to you within 24 hours.

How games are assigned:
Games will be issued on a first come first served basis, it is your responsibility to check the umpire schedule on the website for scheduling updates. Plan on working the games you signed up for until the master schedule is updated. Priority will be given to adult umps for major and junior baseball games. 

Tournament games will be assigned by the discretion of the umpire coordinator.

I reserve the right to change the master schedule up to 72 hours before your schedule time. I will provide an e-mail notifying you of the change.

Unless it's an emergency situation, all game requests need to be made in block's of two's. For example; weeknight games scheduled at 5:15pm and 6:45pm need to have the same umpires. Last year I scheduled one game requests and to many games went unfilled. It is too difficult to get a different umpire (s) to come in and work the second game.

The umpire coordinator has discretion on assigning games.

All KLL umpire policies are subject to change, if changes are made during the season an e-mail will be sent out explaining the change or addition to policies.

All umpires are subject to a minimal background check under the Little League Charter regulations.

2019 Umpire pay scale
BaseballField        Plate
Federal$15.00 $20.00


Checks can be picked up on Mondays after 5pm at the concession stand. 

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