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League Wide Rules


kennedy little league general rules

- Safety First:  Safety of the players, coaches, umpires and spectators is paramount. Coaches have the responsibility to stop any unsafe act immediately. Be especially vigilant for children around the batter.

- Coaches are responsible for the support and protection of all youth umpires. There will be penalties for coaches that harass, stall games, intimidate and those who don’t keep the parents under control.

- Coaches are the responsible adults on the field. A coach shall be in the dugout whenever a player is on the bench.

- Due to inclement weather KLL will make the decision if there will be any games played by 3 p.m. We will notify families via email of the decision and post it at our Facebook page. If there are any lightening strikes, KLL will make the decision if play will continue. If play does not continue, all games scheduled for the night will be postponed/cancelled. The league will let teams know if and when games are to be rescheduled.

- There will be no official scorekeeping and no standings kept during the regular season. Teams shall keep a scorebook for the purpose of the batting order and keeping track of runs during an inning.

- No on deck batter except 13U and 14U.

- Home team occupies 3rd base dugout.

- Runners are to avoid contact, though there is no rule mandating they must slide on a close play. It is our intent to create a situation where players will slide when necessary and eliminate the confusion. Players should be taught how to slide properly. No headfirst sliding at anytime unless it is back to a base.

- Excessive contact while trying to intentionally knock the ball out of a player glove/hand will lead to an out and possible ejection.

- Coaches are responsible for making sure the players are using the correct and legal bats. There will be penalties for not abiding by this rule including and up to ejection from the game as well as suspension from future games.

- Throwing the bat out of anger will lead to an automatic out and possible ejection.

- Safety helmets must be worn by each batter (except TBall).

- Catchers must wear shin guards, protective cups, long-model chest protector (excluding female catchers), hockey style or traditional helmet with mask and “dangling” type throat protector.  No skull caps allowed.

- Pickup players are acceptable as long as they are KLL players that are in the same league or younger. All your team’s players will play entire game. The pickup players must play the outfield and bat at the bottom of the order.

- Free Substitution is allowed. A courtesy runner for the catcher is required with 2 outs. It is recommended with 1 out. The runner will be the player who made the last out. The entire roster will bat.

- Please rotate your players throughout the year.

- Teach your players to RESPECT umpires and your CONDUCT needs to be an example to them as well. GOOD Sportsmanship WIN or LOSE.


Direct from the Little League Regulations: The actions of players, managers, coaches, umpires and league officials must be above reproach.

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